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Favorite Hubs

Post  Administrator on Tue May 03, 2011 4:43 am

The Favorites Hubs feature allows you to keep a list of hubs that you visit most often. The Favorite Hubs window is shown here. This feature also enables you to use different nicknames on different hubs as well as store any passwords required for those hubs.

Adding a favorite

A hub can be added as a favorite in any of the following ways:

A hub can be added as a favorite in any of the following ways:

  • Typing /fav in the hub's window.

  • Right clicking on the hub's tab and choosing "Add To Favorites".

  • Manually entering the hub's details in the Favorite Hubs window.

If you are already in a hub, then the first two ways are the easiest. If however you need (or want) to enter a hub manually, click on the Add button in the Favorite Hubs window. This will bring up the hub properties window which is shown on the right.

The only field that is always needed is Address which will hold the address of the hub. Name and Description are optional. If you would like to use a different name while in the hub (due to being registered, or hub naming conventions) then enter the relevant information in the Identification section.


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