Firefox Remove Addon Compatibility Check Window

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Firefox Remove Addon Compatibility Check Window

Post  Administrator on Mon May 11, 2015 11:35 pm

Firefox Remove Addon Compatibility Check Window

1) Type:  Win + R

- Copy this inside and press Enter !


2) Inside the folder  "*****.default"  are all informations about your Firefox! For example: Addons, Addons Settings, Favorites Backup, Speed Dial Backup, Session Backups, about:config Settings and more!

- Find file name  "user.js"  you can delete this file, but you can delete only Start Up Compatibility Check Window.

- Open file with  Right Click  and click  Edit  .

  - Type:  CTRL + F  and copy this inside  extensions.lastAppVersion

  - When you find it delete the entire row !! For example:   user_pref("extensions.lastAppVersion", "37.0.1");

  - Now click  Save  important!

3) That's all Very Happy

Firefox Skip Addon Compatibility Check
Firefox Addon Compatibility Check


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