What is Share Faking?

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What is Share Faking?

Post  Administrator on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:43 am

What is Share Faking?

This is where you falsely inflate your projected file size being shared on Direct Connect.

Basically, the reasoning behind doing this is that the large and elite hubs require users to share in the range of 80 GB to even enter their hub. Many people do not have the hard drive capacity to share that much. They feel that the 400 other hubs out there, that dont have these high requirements, are not good enough for them. So they fake their fileshare to enter these better than average hubs.

Here is what the creator of the sharefaking tool says about this:

first off, i don't think my share fakers are killing dc because there
are 100,000 other people who don't use my share faker. second, if you are
very smart when using your faker, you hardly get banned. lol i get banned
off oh 5 hubs out of the 400 i connect to when i need some thing off dc.
and this sharing 'ideology', you are bullshitting when u say if every body
share faked and there would be no share to downloading from, thats a lame statement,
this would be true if dc was smaller. but there are lot of people and not
every body will share fake.


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