DCHUB Europa Network - Hub Statistics

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DCHUB Europa Network - Hub Statistics

Post  Administrator on Thu May 19, 2011 1:13 pm

• Hub Name:
€UR®️PA N€']['W®️RK ]:.:[ Countries in Europe ]:.

• Hub Address:

• Hub Topic:
We only send PM to Unregistered users on join! Type in Main Chat +regme yourpassword or Type +reghelp to be without ads.

• Hub Owner:
@•€U• ( ©️W ) • Bostyan™️

Min slot: 1

Min share 0

Max hubs: 0

Net Limiter: Yes - min 200kb/s

Manual Address Entry

If you know the address of a hub (either an IP address or a domain name) then this can be manually entered by going to
File → Quick Connect. Type the address (europa-network.net:5000) and click OK to connect.

dchub:// Link

DC Hubs can be addressed in a similar way to web addresses. They have the format dchub://europa-network.net:5000 . You may receive such a link in an email or on a web page, just like in the previous sentence. Simply click on the link to connect to the hub in DC++. Don`t use it in Favorites! is mean to be used in DC++ messages, forums, web pages etc. as link only.

Note that handling of dchub://addresses:port is not turned on by default and must therefore be enabled. This is discussed in the Advanced Usage section as well as information on different ways to use dchub://addresses:port.


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